Asean Facts:

A Major Global Electronic Manufacturing Services Hub

From four companies in 1970, Malaysia’s electronic and electric industry today has expanded to more than 1,695 companies with total investment of around US$ 35.5 billion and a workforce of more than 600,000 people
Source: Invest in ASEAN
Asean Facts:

8th Fashion Capital in the World

Singapore is ranked as the 8th fashion capital in the world, and 2nd in Asia, next only to Hong Kong
Source: Global Language Monitor
Asean Facts:

The Travelling Consumer

ASEAN is the world’s 3rd largest in number of flights, domestically and internationally. 50% of arrivals in ASEAN countries are from other ASEAN countries.
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2014
Asean Facts:

Medical Tourism becoming a Niche Sector in ASEAN

Thailand’s health tourism is worth about US$ 2 billion and receives 40% of medical tourist arrivals in Asia
Source: Invest in ASEAN
Asean Facts:

The Rapid Connection of 600 Million People

Five ASEAN countries rank among the world's 50 most connected nations
Source: Comtrade: IHS, World Trade Organization: Telegeography: World Bank: McKinsey Global Institute analysis
Asean Facts:

Global Leader in the Issuance of Sukuk

ASEAN leads the way as the global leader in the issuance of Sukuk (Islamic bonds), dominating this sector with 74% of the world’s Sukuk issued.
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2014
Asean Facts:

World's Second Largest Facebook Users

ASEAN is the world's second-largest community of Facebook users, behind only United States
Source: McKinsey & Company, Understanding ASEAN: Seven things you need to know
Asean Facts:

Mobile Penetration Rate

Mobile penetration rates in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia went from less than 5% to more than 70% in less than a decade
Source: McKinsey & Company, Understanding ASEAN: Seven things you need to know
Asean Facts:

Electronics Sector on the Rise

High quantities of the world’s consumer electronics like televisions, radios, computers and cellular phones come from the ASEAN region. More than 80% of the world’s hard drives are made in ASEAN.
Source: Invest in ASEAN
Asean Facts:

ASEAN - Large Producer of Commodities

90% of the world’s crude palm oil, 70% of all natural rubber, and a quarter of the world’s rice is grown in the region.
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2014
Asean Facts:

The ASEAN Expansion of International Retail Brands

6 out of the top 10 countries where international retailers intended to open stores in 2014 are in ASEAN
Source: CBRE Group Research
Asean Facts:

High Smartphone Penetration

Singapore has the fourth highest smartphone penetration in the world and 73 percent of its population online and is the most mobile payment ready member state, followed by The Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.
Source: McKinsey & Company, Understanding ASEAN: Seven things you need to know
Asean Facts:

Rich Reserves of Oil and Natural Gas

With 5.5 trillion cubic metres of natural gas reserves and a 6.40% increase in production, ASEAN is now ranked the third largest producer in the world.
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2014
Asean Facts:

A Big Producer of Cars, Trucks & Buses

In 2013, ASEAN became the world’s seventh largest producer of cars, trucks and buses – an increase over the previous year of 4.99%.
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2014
Asean Facts:

Vehicle Sales

The 5th largest single marketplace for vehicle sales in the world is ASEAN.
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2014
Asean Facts:

Household Income Going Up

ASEAN as a region will be the world’s 3rd largest with household income of US$10,000 or more in 2018
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2014
Asean Facts:

Foreign Ownership

ASEAN has registered considerable progress in loosening the restrictions on foreign ownership of companies in the financial services sector, with 75% ownership now possible with minimal red tape.
Source: McKinsey Global Institute Analysis
Asean Facts:

One of the Largest Electronics Assembly Bases in Southeast Asia

A world leader in production of hard drives, integrated circuits, and semiconductors, Thailand is also ASEAN’s largest production base in the electrical appliances sector, the world’s second largest producer of air-conditioning units, and is the fourth largest for refrigerators
Source: Invest in ASEAN
Asean Facts:

A Boom in the Trade of Medical Devices

ASEAN’s medical device market, which was worth about US$4.6 billion in 2013, is expected to double to US$9 billion by 2019
Source: Pacific Bridge Medical.
Asean Facts:

A Quarter of Global Fish Production

Of the world’s top ten largest fish producers, four are from ASEAN - Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and The Philippines
Source: Invest in ASEAN
Asean Facts:

No. 1 Logistics Hub

Singapore is ranked as the No. 1 logistics hub among 155 countries globally. Singapore scored 4.13 in the Logistics Performance Indicator (LPI) 2012, which uses a 1-to-5 scale (5 as the highest) in rating countries’ logistics
Source: World Bank
Asean Facts:

ASEAN is one of the most Productive Agricultural Sectors in the World

Rice production in 2015 is forecast to increase by 3% to 132.87 million tons and exports to 18.28 million tons
Source: Invest in ASEAN
Asean Facts:

Tourism - a Key Growth Sector in ASEAN

In 2012, ASEAN was the fastest growing destination-region in the world, followed by South Asia
Source: Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)
Asean Facts:

100 Million Internet Users by 2016

Indonesia has 282 million mobile subscriptions and is expected to have 100 million internet users by 2016
Source: McKinsey & Company, Understanding ASEAN: Seven things you need to know
Asean Facts:

Low Cost Carrier Seat Capacity Growth

Low-cost carriers from ASEAN members accounted for more than half of global low-cost carrier seat capacity growth in the first half of 2013.
Source: Amadeus, October, 2013
Asean Facts:

The Auto Industry in ASEAN shows Strong Growth

Combined motor vehicle sales in six major ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore) reached an all time high of 3.5 million units in 2012, almost double of sales figures in 2007 which is 1.9 million units
Source: Invest in ASEAN
Asean Facts:

Biggest Automotive Market

ASEAN is forcasted to become the 6th biggest automotive market globally by 2018
Source: Frost & Sullivan
Asean Facts:

Emerging and Important Electronics Exporter

Vietnam has emerged as an important electronics exporter, with E&E products overtaking coffee, textiles and rice to become the country’s top export item in 2012, as well as capturing a six percent share of the computer and telecom equipment market
Source: Asean Briefing
Asean Facts:

Textile - one of the Largest Export Products from ASEAN

In the first quarter of 2013, Vietnam’s garments and textiles exports have reached US$ 3.7 billion or a year-on-year rise of 18.3%
Source: Invest in ASEAN
Asean Facts:

The Largest Cargo Airport in the World

The Changi Airport in Singapore is the largest cargo airport in the world. It handles 2 million tonnes of cargo annually, services 6,500 weekly flights, and connects 240 cities in 60 countries
Source: Invest in ASEAN
ASEAN FTSE Analytics
20 February 2015
FTSE ASEAN Indices Weekly Report - 20 Feb
Bursa Malaysia joins global Exchanges in their commitment to actively promote sustainability
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ASEAN FTSE Analytics
20 Feb 2015
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NC: -0.07
V: 17,501,900
NC: -0.28
V: 3,314,700
NC: -0.38
V: 2,493,300
NC: -0.10
V: 5,275,300
NC: -0.06
V: 12,053,300
NC: -3.00
V: 2,185,000
NC: -0.03
V: 12,660,000
NC: -0.06
V: 8,671,300
NC: -0.26
V: 2,457,900
NC: -0.05
V: 7,637,700
NC: -2.95
V: 9,791,930
NC: -0.02
V: 32,716,000
NC: -0.32
V: 3,742,700
NC: 0.00
V: 7,644,500
NC: -7.60
V: 4,361,890
NC: -0.16
V: 41,435,000
NC: 0.00
V: 3,309,500
NC: -0.50
V: 3,616,500
NC: -0.05
V: 2,598,100
NC: -0.02
V: 4,525,900
NC: -350.00
V: 17,989,700
NC: 0.20
V: 45,739,000
NC: 0.05
V: 29,354,900
NC: -0.01
V: 20,170,300
NC: 0.00
V: 9,921,900
NC: -25.00
V: 15,593,000
NC: -0.11
V: 6,505,000
NC: -0.07
V: 7,745,000
NC: -1.05
V: 13,237,300
NC: -0.02
V: 6,538,000
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27 May 2015 14:10 (GMT/UTC+08:00) - Thomson Reuters
27 May 2015 13:06 (GMT/UTC+08:00) - Thomson Reuters
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SE Asia Stocks - Fall on renewed U.S. rate hike concerns 
27 May 2015 14:1
source: on Reuters
    BANGKOK, May 27 (Reuters) - Southeast Asian stock markets 
tumbled on Wednesday as investors resumed selling on 
expectations of an interest rate hike in the U.S. sooner rather 
than later, derailing Philippine stocks and sending the 
Malaysian benchmark to a more-than-four-month low. 
    The Philippine main index  <.PSI>  was an underperformer, 
trading down 1.3 percent at its lowest since Feb. 2. The fall 
trimmed a year-to-date gain in Southeast Asia's best performing 
index to 5.5 percent. 
    Malaysia's composite index  <.KLSE>  fell 0.7 percent to the 
lowest since Jan. 20, heading for a fifth day of losses. Indexes 
in Singapore  <.FTSTI>  and Indonesia  <.JKSE> , which have 
gradually rebounded, pulled lower. 
    Thailand's index  <.SETI>  eased 0.2 percent, extending the 
weakness over the past three days. 
    "Negative sentiment on SET prevails on Wednesday, given 
renewed concern on the timing of a U.S. interest rate increase," 
strategists at broker KGI Securities wrote in a report. 
    Asian stocks  <.MIAPJ0000PUS>  fell in line with U.S. stocks 
after reports on Tuesday showed U.S. business investment 
spending plans increased solidly in April, consumer confidence 
perked up this month and house prices extended gains in March. 
 [MKTS/GLOB]  [.N]  ID:nL1N0YH0JT  
    Weak quarterly earnings of large-caps in Southeast Asia have 
kept investors in the region uneasy. 
    Shares of Malaysia's palm oil firm Felda Global Ventures 
Holdings  <FGVH.KL>  hit a record low after its first-quarter 
profit slumped 97.5 percent on weaker plantation business and 
bigger losses in the downstream segment.*:nGLF35ChDP 
    The Thai banking subindex  <.SETB>  was down 0.3 percent as 
recent moves to cut interest rates dented earnings outlook. It 
had fallen nearly 13 percent so far this year, partly reflecting 
the weak earnings in the first quarter.  ID:nL3N0YH2S1  
For Asian Companies click;*:nTOPEQA   
 Change at 0549 GMT 
 Market             Current     Prev Close    Pct Move 
 Singapore          3418.94       3459.98       -1.19 
 Kuala Lumpur       1751.64       1764.07       -0.70 
 Bangkok            1495.08       1497.98       -0.19 
 Jakarta            5278.30       5320.90       -0.80 
 Manila             7587.53       7728.50       -1.82 
 Ho Chi Minh         566.69        567.20       -0.09 
 (Reporting by Viparat Jantraprap; Editing by Sunil Nair) 
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