Published on 16/03/2018

16 MARCH 2018, Manila, Philippines – The ASEAN Exchanges CEOs convened in Manila, Philippines on 9 March for the 27th ASEAN Exchanges CEOs meeting and announced the ASEAN Exchanges / Invest ASEAN Roadshow that will be held in Asia to showcase the growth opportunities of the ASEAN Asset Class.


Moving into the seventh year of collaboration, the ASEAN Exchanges CEOs reaffirmed their commitment to the collaboration by joining forces to bring some of the most exciting listed
companies and ASEAN products to the doors of institutional investors both, large and small, across the globe.


ASEAN is the sixth largest economy in the world, with a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of US$2.6 trillion1. With a forecasted annual growth of 5%, ASEAN is one of the fastest
growing global economies and is expected to become the fourth largest economy by 2030.


Speaking on behalf of the ASEAN Exchanges CEOs, Ramon S. Monzon of the Philippine Stock Exchange stated, “Since it was founded half a century ago, ASEAN has witnessed remarkable growth in becoming the economic powerhouse that it is today. The collaborative efforts of the ASEAN Exchanges have been vital in fostering greater diversity, innovation and investment opportunities within the region. As we look ahead to the next 50 years, we will continue to introduce more innovative products and services that will enhance the competitiveness of the ASEAN capital markets.”


Together, the ASEAN Exchanges has over 3,000 listed companies on its Exchanges and represents a combined market capitalisation of almost US$3 trillion2.


“We are embarking on the Invest ASEAN Roadshow to meet a need we have found with smaller institutional investors and family funds in key financial centres in Asia. The ASEAN Exchanges will assemble a representative set of their listed companies to share their stories to potential investors in the course of the roadshow,” Monzon continued.


The ASEAN Exchanges CEOs also made a major step forward for the collaboration by establishing the Regulatory Working Group tasked to seek mutual collaboration on the rules and regulation for products to be listed cross-border among the ASEAN Exchanges.

Monzon said, “The market is ready for ASEAN-centric products and the new Regulatory Working Group will be focused on ensuring we get the right products to market fast.” This meeting marked the seventh year of the ASEAN Exchanges collaboration comprising Bursa Malaysia, Hanoi Stock Exchange, Hochiminh Stock Exchange, Indonesia Stock Exchange, Philippine Stock Exchange, the Stock Exchange of Thailand and Singapore Exchange.


The ASEAN Exchanges CEOs reaffirmed the intention to continue to collaborate while focusing on harmonising regulatory frameworks, facilitating the issuance of ASEAN products, cross-exchange listing of ASEAN products and mutual recognition of capital market professionals.


1 ASEAN Secretariat data
2 World Federation of Exchanges (January 2018 data)


27th ASEAN Exchanges CEOs Meeting, Manila, Philippines, 9 March 2018. Pictured left to right: Vanhkham Voravong of Lao Securities Exchange, Yin Zaw Myo of Yangon Stock Exchange, Samsul Hidayat of Indonesia Stock Exchange, Datuk Seri Tajuddin Atan of Bursa Malaysia, Ramon S. Monzon of The Philippine Stock Exchange, Kesara Manchusree of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Anh Phong Nguyen of Hanoi Stock Exchange, Hong Sok Hour of Cambodia Securities Exchange, Tram Tuan Vu of Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange

CEOs Meeting