Listing Ceremony of PT Tripar Multivision Tbk (RAAM) on Indonesia Stock Exchange

Published on 08/05/2023

On Monday, 8 May 2023, the trading hours of Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) was also opened by PT Tripar Multivision Tbk (RAAM) in the context of listing RAAM shares on the IDX Main Board.

RAAM is engaged in film production which was founded by Raam Punjabi on 18 April 1990. RAAM’s active business lines include film production, TV series production, web series production, cinema, Pay TV and film distribution. RAAM has more than 650 titles and more than 15,000 hours of achievement on film and series titles which certainly have a positive impression from the people of Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. RAAM operates under the auspices of Raam Punjabi and has an innovative team that will always produce other quality content for various Indonesian entertainment media.

(Listing Ceremony Video of TYRE, DOOH, JATI, and RAAM)