PSE EASy rolls out new features

Published on 03/04/2024

The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE) has added new features on its PSE Electronic Allocation System (PSE EASy) website, a platform that enables Local Small Investors (LSIs) to participate in initial public offerings (IPOs) and follow-on offerings (FOOs). PSE EASy now has an integrated electronic payment system that enables LSIs to pay for subscribed shares via online banking.


“The ease offered by electronic payment within the platform will hopefully encourage more LSIs to use PSE EASy to buy shares when there are public offerings,” said PSE President and CEO Ramon S. Monzon.


Over-the-counter (OTC) bank payment remains an option for those who prefer this payment method.


Aside from the e-payment function, PSE EASy also allows modification on the payment method and subscription. On the latter, the LSI may choose to add, reduce or cancel the subscribed shares provided that the subscription has not been paid. The platform also has a Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication that allows users to access other Exchange platforms like PSE EQUIP and PSE Academy.


“PSE aims to provide a better experience across its technology platforms. I hope the enhancements introduced in PSE EASy will make IPO and FOO subscription more accessible and efficient for investors,” Mr. Monzon added.


PSE EASy was launched in June 2019 to replace the manual subscription process for LSIs, which entailed going to physical kiosks in PSE offices and select areas in the metro. The introduction of PSE EASy has expanded the reach of the LSI program to 44 countries, seven overseas territories and 80 Philippine provinces. Previously, majority of the LSI participation were from retail investors based in Metro Manila. Of the 29 total offerings that have used PSE EASy, three IPOs and two FOOs have recorded full subscription of their LSI tranche.


The e-payment method may already be used to pay PSE EASy subscriptions for the upcoming first IPO of 2024.


For more information, please visit the PSE EASy website at and check PSE’s official social media accounts for updates related to PSE EASy.