SET and partners jointly organize “Green Economy: Next Growth and Survive” event, driving private sector towards sustainable environmental management

Published on 23/02/2024

BANGKOK, February 22, 2024  – The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), on the occasion of turning 50 years in operations, in collaboration with Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and The Gold Standard Foundation, today organized the “Green Economy: Next Growth and Survive” event.  The event was presided over by M.L. Chayoti Kridakon, an Advisor to the Prime Minister  and Thai Trade Representative (TTR), who delivered a keynote speech on driving Thailand towards a green economy, and participated by representatives from the government sector, private sector, and listed companies, to listen to social innovation models and formats that can be solutions for environmental problems.


SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that SET, in line with the vision “To Make the Capital Market ‘Work’ for Everyone”, has continuously driven Thailand to achieve balanced growth, with implementation in various aspects embracing economy, sustainability, and social and environmental development. The collaboration is in accordance with the government policy that aims to encourage all sectors to move forward to develop a green economy, simultaneously in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The collaborative event is to promote the private sector on the path of sustainable environmental management towards a green economy.


“At this event, all sectors comprising the government, social, and business sectors presented their visions and strategic policy, and then exchange their models and formats of social innovation that can practically answer and solve environmental and social problems altogether. In addition, they presented the use of the carbon credit mechanism to develop the environment in a sustainable manner. These can be case studies for the private sector to develop environmental care guidelines in order to move towards a green economy, driving the future of every sector to grow together in a balanced and sustainable way,” added Pakorn.


WWF Chief of Party, USAID Mekong for the Future, Veerawit Tianchainan said that the USAID-WWF Mekong for the Future project is operated by WWF to build collaborative solutions across borders through the participation of civil society networks. The organizer’ mission is greatly in line with USAID’s climate strategy, with focus on addressing climate change in high-impact and urgent areas via a collaborative mechanism of all sectors. As a co-project owner, WWF feels honored to be able to bridge the Gold Standard’s carbon credit certification program as part of this event. This program, originates by WWF, centers on carbon certification of high quality standard aiming to develop sustainable climate security cooperation through collaboration with civil society organizations and all sectors inclusively.


TIJ Executive Director Phiset Sa-ardyen said that TIJ is another agency that encourages the integration of various network partners from the public, private, and social sectors through the project to develop the potential of new leaders in the Rule of Law and Development (RoLD)  Program. The network of RoLD Fellows has brought up the issue of dust and smog across the borders which is a major problem related to many ASEAN countries, then created a conversation circle through the lens of Environmental Justice and come up with interesting proposals for

solving the dust and smog problems in northern Thailand. Such proposals comprised the facts finding of the causes of dust and smog arising from various forms of burning in order to get accurate information and then use the “Alternative Development” guidelines to help people in the area reduce outdoor burning, while having new alternative careers with stable income to help reduce false accusation against the people. On the contrary, it has been changed to a synergy of all parties to lay down guidelines for sustainable development in the community. Notably, organizing this event is another important step to strengthen the network to drive forward social issues concerning natural resources and environment with fairness and sustainable development altogether.


The “Green Economy: Next Growth and Survive” event featured a keynote speech by M.L. Chayotid, and a panel discussion on “Carbon Credit: Mechanism for Green Economy?” by world-class guest speakers consisting of experts in environmental development, Carbon Finance, and Carbon Credit, from international organizations, including social entrepreneurs who create social innovations to solve environmental problems in the northern region. The event was held on Thursday February 22, 2024 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at the SET building. Interested persons can listen to the rerun of various seminars in this event online via Facebook: SET Social Impact.