SET to mark 50th year anniversary, embracing future opportunities for all

Published on 24/05/2024

BANGKOK, May 24, 2024 – The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will commemorate its 50th anniversary, under the concept “Make it ‘Work’ for Every Future”, moving towards inclusive growth and sustainability. SET has outlined comprehensive action plans aiming at enhancing its regional exchange status and broadening fundraising opportunities for businesses of all sizes, both domestically and internationally, which includes limited to large family businesses, foreign firms operating in Thailand, SMEs, and startups. The plan leverages on Thailand’s economic strengths, developing a digital-driving capital market on top of the traditional one, improving operational efficiency and oversight, and adopting advanced generative AI technology.


SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai highlighted that since its inception in 1975, SET has been a cornerstone of Thailand’s financial infrastructure. As the exchange approaches its 50th year, it is committed to becoming a platform that supports all stakeholders. The “Make it ‘Work’ for Every Future” concept aims to create products and services that meet the needs of all investors, promoting long-term sustainable growth for businesses and driving the economy while ensuring environmental balance and societal sustainability.


Pakorn outlined five strategic goals for SET:


1. Strengthening SET as regional exchange, moving towards regional fundraising hub for both local and international companies, as well as becoming international investment hub for local people to access global investment opportunities.


2. Expanding fundraising opportunities: Catering to businesses of all sizes, including but not listed to large corporations, mega family business, foreign firms with business operations in Thailand, new economy industries, SMEs, and startups. Developing data platforms for listed companies has been enhanced to generate high-quality data pools for data analytics such as Industry Highlights for all stakeholders through SET’s and its partners’ channels.


3. Digital-driving capital market: Developing a digital-driving capital market as an alternative for next generation investors while strengthening traditional market frameworks.


4. Operational efficiency and regulatory oversight: Enhancing operational systems with AI technology to improve operating systems such as trading and listed company supervision, an assistance system for small- and mid-cap stock analysis, and translation of listed companies’ information or investment knowledge for foreign investors, as well as tailoring services to investors’ preferences (personalization).


5. Sustainability leadership: Preparing stakeholders for sustainability trends and regulatory challenges e.g. related to climate crisis, biodiversity, and human rights.


Over the past five decades, SET has played a vital role in supporting the business sector and capital market, facilitating fundraising for enterprises of all sizes including the time under crisis conditions. With over 850 listed companies and a combined market capitalization of THB 17.4 trillion (approximately USD 479.74 billion), SET has seen a continuous rise in investor numbers, now boasting 5.8 million trading accounts. SET has diversified its offerings to include products with foreign securities as underlying assets such as DR, DRx, ETF and DW, and has upgraded


its infrastructure to support market expansion, including the development of a digital assets trading platform, the adoption of ESG guidelines as best practices, and extension of financial literacy. SET’s commitment to sustainability has positioned Thai companies among the world’s most sustainable, reflecting the exchange’s dedication to balancing economic growth with environmental and social responsibilities.


As part of its 50th-anniversary tribute in 2024 and 2025, SET will host various activities, including an exhibition at the Maruey Library, the publication of “5 Decades of SET” book and a series of communications via multiple channels. SET will intensify its ESG efforts to push private sector towards sustainable environmental management, supporting vulnerable people segment through the donation of ambulances to Crown Prince Hospital, enhancing financial literacy among youth, and promoting public health through table tennis and enhancing corporate governance (CG) among business sector. Additionally, SET will host an ESG research competition this year to promote corporate governance and sustainability practices among listed companies and launch a book on securities and exchange laws.