SET together with PwC Thailand provides social entrepreneurs knowledge on preparation of simple financial statements

Published on 25/01/2024

BANGKOK, January 25, 2024 – The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) continues to enhance social entrepreneurs’ knowledge via the SET SE101: Online Offering, an ongoing online learning program for the fourth year to provide knowledge and building business potential for social enterprises. This year, SET has collaborated with PwC Thailand to provide knowledge and understanding of how to prepare simple financial statements under the concept of accounting made easy in four topics, consisting of necessary accounting basics; and learning about income, expense, and value-added tax (VAT). Social entrepreneurs and interested individuals can watch this program via online channels starting on January 25, 2024 at  and Facebook: SET Social Impact.


 SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that SET aims at promoting the potential of entrepreneurs at all levels inclusively, including social entrepreneurs or social enterprise (SE) which is considered an important pivot in creating and expanding social and economic outcome of the country in a sustainable manner, in line with the SET vision ‘To Make the Capital Market ‘Work’ for Everyone”. Significantly, the SET SE101: Online Offering learning program has a purposeful route for SE to follow to gain knowledge from the first year of the program, by laying the foundation for creating social outcomes, business skills, then expanding the results by creating sustainability innovations as well as social business models, by using the practical how-to contents that SE can apply immediately.


“During the past 3 years, SET SE101: Online Offering leaning program has been well-received, not only gaining the attention among SEs but also attracting community enterprises, social networks, university lecturers and students. The contents have been used as teaching media and tools in Social Entrepreneurship courses. This year, SET has further enhanced the contents by joining forces with partner PwC Thailand, with expertise in accounting and tax to develop simple accounting knowledge content to fill the gap for SEs who need accounting skill and financial statement preparation skill. These tailor-made contents are easy to understand and ready for use right away, complete with sample techniques for recording correct financial statements, for better understanding. SET is certain that this year’s SET SE101: Online Offering will help strengthen SEs’ business skills, eventually for more social outcomes,” added Pakorn.


PwC Thailand’s Entrepreneurial and Private Business Leader Paiboon Tunkoon said that PwC Thailand always prioritizes the business goals and operations that take into consideration the sustainability creation for the society and the environment. PwC Thailand has supported the work of SET Social Impact Platform for the second year. Last year, PwC Thailand’s experts provided advice and suggestions on accounting and taxes to SEs participating in the SET Social Impact GYM 2023 project and found that most entrepreneurs still lack basic knowledge and understanding on accounting, such as the understanding of income and expenses, the recording of financial statements, etc. Therefore, PwC Thailand and SET have jointly developed the knowledge via the current SET SE101: Online Offering 2024. PwC Thailand hopes that this program will be well-received and will benefit SEs in terms of skill enhancement.


The SET SE101: Online Offering 2024, an online learning program comprising basic knowledge for social entrepreneurs, starting from simple accounting under the concept of accounting made easy, totaling 4 topics: “Learning basic Accounting, the must for SE”; “SE and Income Accounting”;


“SE and Expense Accounting & Cost Accounting”; and “SE and VAT”. The first episode will be broadcasted on January 25, 2024 onwards at  in the Impact Program menu, or Facebook: SET Social Impact.