The Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between IDX and the Indonesian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA) and a Go Public Seminar with INSA.

Published on 09/11/2023

On Thursday (9/11), a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation to Enhance Understanding of the Capital Market in Indonesia between Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and the Indonesian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA) was signed by Mr. I Gede Nyoman Yetna, the Director of Corporate Assessment at IDX, Mr. Jeffrey Hendrik, the Director of Development at IDX, and Ms. Carmelita Hartoto, the Chairperson of INSA.

The signed memorandum represents a commitment from both parties to enhance the understanding of stakeholders in the shipping industry about the capital market in Indonesia. It also indicates IDX’s support for all business sectors in Indonesia to utilize funding in the Indonesian capital market. Before the signing process, Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Carmelita delivered speeches expressing their hopes for the success of the collaboration. With the signing of this memorandum, stakeholders in the Indonesian shipping industry, especially members of INSA, can utilize capital market funding, marking the commencement of the go-public seminar activities.

The theme “Anchoring Success: Unlocking Growth through IPO in the Shipping Industry” was highlighted in the go-public seminar, a collaboration between IDX, Indonesia Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (KPEI), Indonesia Central Securities Depository (KSEI), and INSA. This seminar was specifically held for INSA members who are companies operating in the shipping industry in Indonesia. The seminar is one of the implementations of the previously signed memorandum of understanding.

The go-public seminar began with a keynote speech from Ms. Faty Khusumo, Vice Chairperson of the 7th DPP INSA, and also the President Director of PT Temas Tbk. Ms. Faty provided an overview of the economic outlook for the shipping industry in Indonesia titled “Shipping Industry Economic Outlook 2024.” After Ms. Faty’s presentation, the event continued with presentations and discussions by speakers moderated by Mr. Sofiyan Adhi Kusumah Dinata, Head of the Development Unit for Prospective Listed Companies 2 at IDX.

The first presentation was given by Ms. Listyorini Dian Pratiwi, Head of the Division for the Development of Listed Companies at IDX. She presented on the theme “Road to Go Public and Capital Market Updates,” covering an overview of the Indonesian Capital Market and the benefits of going public for shipping companies. The second presentation was delivered by Mr. Zaki Maulani, Associate Director of Investment Banking at PT Indo Premier Sekuritas. Mr. Zaki presented on the theme “IPO Process & Strategy,” explaining the IPO process, strategies, key success factors, the right time for an IPO, and the requirements for listing on IDX. The last speakers were Mr. Wawan Heri Purnomo, Corporate Secretary of PT Pelayaran Nasional Ekalya Purnamasari Tbk (ELPI), and Mr. Dave Ritandhaka, Chief Operating Officer of ELPI. Mr. Wawan explained ELPI’s journey and achievements before and after the IPO, while Mr. Dave discussed ELPI’s business strategy.

“So Amazing for ELPI after becoming a public company, Corporate Image Building, Expansion & Exploration in the Business Plan Roadmap, obtaining support in funding from banks and investors, ELPI can be realized faster than planned. ELPI also gained Intangible Asset.” – Wawan Heri Purnomo, Corporate Secretary ELPI.

“Don’t wait to be big to go public, but be big by going public!”


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