Listing Ceremony of PT Kian Santang Muliatama Tbk (RGAS) on Indonesia Stock Exchange

Published on 09/11/2023

On Wednesday, 8 November 2023, PT Kian Santang Muliatama Tbk (RGAS) opens the day’s trading of Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) to signify the new listing of RGAS on the IDX’s Development Board. RGAS is the 75th company listed on the IDX in 2023.

RGAS operates in the sector of Energy and sub industry of Oil, Gas & Coal Equipment & Services. the IPO price of RGAS is Rp120,00 per share with a total of 1,459,200,000 shares listed, so that its market capitalization is Rp175,104,000,000. In addition, RGAS’s Warrant I is listed on IDX with the security code of BDKR-W and the exercise price of Rp210.00.

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