Thailand Focus 2023 attracts over 200 global institutional investors

Published on 24/08/2023

BANGKOK, August 23, 2023 – The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is organizing the 17th Thailand 2023 under the theme “The New Horizon”, with representatives from the government sector, money and capital market, and senior executives in the business sector, both domestic and international, attending to update information. This year’s event is aimed to reinforce potential and enhance confidence in driving the Thai economy and the capital market into a new horizon of investment context. Over 200 global institutional investors from 96 institutions worldwide, particularly the new institutional investors participate in SET’s largest inbound conference, reflecting that Thailand has abundant investment opportunities and continues to be on the radar of foreign investors. In addition, the institutional investors also gain insightful information on business directions from senior executives of 118 listed companies.


SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that “Thailand Focus 2023: The New Horizon” organized during August 23-25, 2023 has been well received by over 200 global institutional investors from 96 leading institutions. The investors from key countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the United States, Sweden, and Taiwan attended. There were group meetings and one-on-one meetings with a total of 118 listed companies, reflecting that the Thai capital market is still attractive. This year, the seminar at the event was organized in a hybrid format, welcoming investors who attended the conference in Thailand and providing the opportunity for a wider audience to attend online via a virtual conference.


“Thailand Focus is a key forum for investors to gain updated and first-hand information on investment opportunities, and the development directions of Thailand’s economy and the capital market. This year, Dr. Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput, Governor of the Bank of Thailand, delivered remark at a special session on the topic of ‘Laying the Foundations for a Sustainable Recovery’, while representatives from the government sector, the financial and the capital markets, as well as top executives of the business sector shared information on investment opportunities in Thailand,” Pakorn said.


“Significantly, institutional investors are interested in the direction to drive the country’s economy towards growth opportunities via new industries and businesses that are the future of the country built on Thailand’s strengths such as creative tourism, electric vehicle industry, and the soft power, as vital engines in driving Thailand’s creative economy. Moreover, the joint meetings between listed companies and institutional investors have also prioritized the businesses with growth potential and sustainable business practice simultaneously — an issue that global investors are currently paying attention to,” added Pakorn.


“Thailand Focus 2023: The New Horizon” is organized by The Stock Exchange of Thailand in collaboration with DBS Vickers Securities (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Kiatnakin Phatra Securities pcl, and TISCO Securities. & Jefferies, during August 23-25, 2023 at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, Bangkok. The details and contents of the conference are available at



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